Monday, October 4, 2010

latest advetures

Not much has happened since the last post.  currently working out the kinks in plans for a double chocolate cake with bourbon buttercream and something using nutella spread.  I'm also looking at recipes that use apples besides the stand by apple pie and baked apples.  to me food shouldn't be boring it should awaken the senses and bring joy.  like last night my original plan for dinner was to grill some steaks and have a little salad and some roasted potatoes but, like all the  best laid plans, didn't work out.  I ended up getting a text from my brother who said he was in town with his g/f and asking what was for dinner.  a little later my wife calls me and says her brother in law and sister were coming over.  so what was supposed to be a quite family dinner turned into a large, loud family dinner.  it was fun and I would think all people invovled had a good time. besides, is it really good for man to grill alone?

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