Monday, September 20, 2010

the first of hopefully many

I have no clue really as to where to begin this adventure.  I guess a little background would be sufficent.  as far as I can remember I've been in a kitchen cooking.  some of my earliest memories are in the kicthen standing on chair with my great aunt and helping her making dumplings and her rolling them out with an old glass honest scotch snuff glass.  I can safely say that it was her and some of my mother that got me into food.  gradutated from high school and went on to college and the love of food continued.  recieved my Bachelor's degree in communication and eventually moved to fort worth and started working at central market.  that was really the biggest push.  my love of cooking and food have been greatly improved since moving to the big city. I've experienced Indian food, Thai, Vietnamese, and Sushi.  that is a far cry from where I grew up.  the most ethnic food we had in stephenville was either Chinese or Italian.  Currently, my pursuit is finding and developing new and intersting ideals in food.  Ideals such as Gingersnap crusted pork, carrot roesti, and apple carrot slaw.  I hope you will follow this blog and interact with it.  hopefully I'll inspired some hidden talents in my readers. thanks.

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